Spring Bird Nests & Wooden Candlesticks


How do you go from this

WP_20160318_019 (2)

to this?

WP_20160318_011 (2)

Easy!  With a little imagination, paint, rummage sale & dollar store finds!

I always buy wooden candlesticks.  It’s a compulsion, but I know I will be able to use them for something.  The best place to find them is at garage and church rummage sales.  They are very inexpensive, 99 cents or less and they can be transformed into many things.  This time I decided a little spring was in order.

I bought the wooden bowls on a whim.  My husband was with me and he was confused.  He asked why I would buy wooden bowls, he actually thought I was going to use them for salad.  He’s so funny, one of the reasons I married him!  I didn’t know why I bought the bowls, it’s not something I usually do, but I think I got six for 50 cents.  Had to do it.

I love bird nests and robin eggs.  They just make everything pretty and can be used all spring and summer long.  This project came to me when I saw all the pictures on pinterest of bird nests.  I’m not nearly as creative as some, but I can make a fun bird nest.

WP_20160318_018 (2)

Let’s start with what you will need for this project.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry.

  1. Two candlesticks (wooden or metal)
  2. Two wooden bowls
  3. Paint (I used gray, burnt umber and white, but you can use any color combo)
  4. Paintbrushes (any kind)
  5. Toothbrush (yep, you read that right)
  6. Matte finish spray (optional)
  7. Spanish moss (dollar store)
  8. Reindeer moss or whatever kind you like
  9. Plastic eggs (any color, you can paint them!)
  10. Random twigs and leaves from your yard
  11. Half a cotton ball (not pictured)
  12. Super strong glue (I used E6000, not pictured)
  13. Hot glue gun (not pictured)  You can use the above glue for all of it, if you don’t have one

WP_20160316_001 (2)

First, wash your supplies and glue the bowl to the top of the candlestick (I forgot to take a picture of this…again, sorry).  It’s glue, we’ve been doing that since kindergarten. 🙂  Second, put two coats of gray or whatever color you like all over, including inside the bowl, let dry.  I used a DIY chalk paint recipe and it only took 30 minutes for each coat to dry.  You might have to sand your bowl and candlestick, I didn’t because I used the chalk paint.

This next step is intimidating to some people, but oh so easy.  I used an acrylic paint by Americana, burnt umber.  Squirt about a quarter size amount in a bowl and add about an equal amount of water.  Mix it up.  You are making a glaze or wash to ‘age’ the gray paint.  You will want to take your time with this one.  Put it on one section at a time and then wipe it off with a barely damp cloth or paper towel.  Don’t have too much water on your cloth or it will just take the glaze right off.  The third picture shows the glaze wiped off, but it was still too dark, so I just got another paper towel and wet it a little more and wiped again.  It’s going to look like you got dirt on your surface, but that is okay, we are trying to do that.

After you have let that dry it’s time for dry brushing with the white paint.  I do this step to give it a little more dimension.  You can put a little paint (quarter size) on a paper towel.  Dip, just the ends of your paintbrush and then wipe it on the same paper towel.  This will get the majority of the paint off.  Dry brushing is exactly what it says…dry.  You are barely getting the paintbrush wet and then painting your surface.  Once you have the paint on the brush, paint it on in one motion, in one direction.  If you try to paint it on like most people, in a back and forward motion, you will end up with splotches of paint in one spot and that is not what we are going for.  We want it to look like light streaks or lines.

Let that dry and then distress if you want.  I used a course 60 grit sandpaper, I wanted it to be roughed up.  If you look at the first picture, you can see where the base didn’t show the stain (I got a little crazy with the sanding).  I just took some glaze and with a paper towel, rubbed it on the distressed part and wiped off.  It’s not nearly as dark as the stain, but it looks much better.  The final step, this is optional, spray a matte finish sealer on, two coats is perfect.  I put mine on because it is easier to wipe it down when it gets dusty and I am putting these in my booth to sell.

While that is drying, start your nest.  I know this sounds like a lot, but I did all of this in between, cleaning my house, painting another project and making dinner.  It’s not a sprint race, just do it in your spare time.

The nest, the most fun part!  All I did to make a nest was take half of the dollar store package of Spanish moss and form it into a nest shape.  That’s it!  I squished and shaped it into a circle and dug a little hole in the middle to hold the eggs.  You may have to glue some errant strands, but you’re going to glue the nest into the bowl anyway so the shape should hold.  After I made the shape of the nest, I went outside and found some twigs with leaves on them, broke them off into workable sizes and glued them into the nest.  Birds don’t make perfect nests, they use a lot of stuff.  You want to glue them on because if, for some reason, it falls over, you don’t want to put it together again.

Then you are going to add your cotton in random places.  Pull it apart like taffy into small tiny strips and place it on.  No need for glue this time, cotton sticks to everything!  Your nest is complete!  Go get your base and glue it in the bowl.  Make sure it has a few strands sticking out, you want it to look natural.

WP_20160319_024 (2)

You may be able to find your bird eggs in a color of your choosing, but I purchased mine at a rummage sale and brown was the color choice.  I like the brown, but I wanted to add a few robins egg blue ones too.  I love aqua and had some of the Americana acrylic paint on hand.  I used Desert Turquoise and Spa Blue.  I painted my eggs with a foam brush, two coats and waited for them to dry.  Time for the toothbrush!  To get the spots on the eggs, I dipped the tip of an old toothbrush in the burnt umber paint and flicked it on to the egg with my thumb.  It’s the only way I could think of to get it on there quickly.  Again, I sprayed a matte finish on mine, but this is optional.

WP_20160318_003 (2)

Now let’s finalize this pretty spring decoration!  Glue your eggs into the nest, however you like them to be displayed.  Then put the final touch on.  Glue some reindeer moss around the eggs and you are done!!  I am so making some of these for myself too!  I love them!

I added a bird to my larger one, but I’m not sure I’m going to keep it there.  I may even add some ribbon under the bowl.  What do you think?  Should I keep the bird?  Should I add the ribbon?  Decisions, decisions.


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Pink Metallic Paint and Aluminum Pitchers

pitcher1 (2)

I found these adorable pitchers at the Goodwill.  I love shopping there for accessories.  I don’t buy a lot of furniture there because it is way overpriced.

I love the bronze/copper finish, but I thought it was just a little too much.  I though it needed some pink.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, I love pink.  Pink is my favorite color.  When my daughter was little, her entire room was pink, pink wall, pink bedding, pink toy box, pink bed…you get the idea.  I don’t paint a lot of furniture pink, but accessories are fair game!  So when I saw these pitchers, well, I knew they would be coming home with me.

If you remember my last post Poppy’s Paint Powder Review & a French Provincial Nightstand, I said I would be doing something metallic.  These pitchers are aluminum and the paint I chose to use is a pink metallic by Ralph Lauren.

pitcher4 (2)

I mixed up my Poppies and added it to my metallic paint.  Just like last time the coverage was great!  I wasn’t careful with how I put it on because I wanted a shabby chicish look.  The above picture is after one coat of the metallic pink.  I love how it looks!

I decided I really liked how it looked with only one coat, but I didn’t want them to look the same.  Soooo….being me, I decided to paint a second coat on the swirly one.  Before I did that, I took some Vaseline and rubbed it along the design so the paint wouldn’t stick too much.  Can you see how the paint pulled away from the design?  I wiped off the Vaseline with a damp rag and then took a 600 grit sand sponge, that’s just what I had near me, you could use any grit higher than 150.  I lightly sanded so the bronze/copper color would just peek through.

It’s really hard to tell from the pictures, but you can really see the depth and the pink just shimmers.  And, of course, pink & bronze or pink & copper really work well together.

Again, I was impressed with Poppies.  I did not sand before I put the paint on to the aluminum pitcher.  Just slapped it on and it is holding up very well, in fact, it was a little difficult to sand the paint off with the 600 grit.  I am so impressed with the adhesion, I’m not putting any type of sealer on this one!

I decided the pitchers looked a little plain.  I had some burlap on hand and quickly (like 10 minutes) made some burlap flowers, super easy tutorial here.  I cut a strip of burlap, wrapped it around the top and hot glued the ends.  Then I hot glued all of my burlap flowers on to the strip of burlap.  I purposely put the flowers off center.  It think it looks cuter.  Here’s a great tutorial for how to cut burlap straight.

I’m not sure I like the leaves with the flowers or maybe it’s just how dark they are.  Maybe I will make some tulle leaves, just to soften the look more.  What do you think?

pitcher9e (2)

I just couldn’t resist putting some beautiful white tulips in the pitcher.  I think it looks so pretty.  This project took me less than two hours total and that’s because I had to make dinner while I was doing it.  Oh…and wait for the paint to dry.  Do you have any of these pitchers laying around?  Do you want to transform them for spring?

Get a little paint and go for it!!



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Poppy’s Paint Powder review & a French Provencial Nightstand

So sorry!  It has been 10 days since I last posted and boy, what a week it has been.  My husband got a respiratory infection/flu and was home two days from work.  Then both of my grandsons, my daughter-n-law and my daughter got it.  The only people in my house to not get sick was my son and me.  Either way, time was not on my side and I found myself ‘stealing’ time to finish this project.


 When I saw this little table on the side of the road, it was in pretty ugly shape.  (pay no attention to the background, messy workshop, remember?)  It was a horrible green color and you could tell it had been outside for a while.  The paint was splitting on top and the wood seemed dry.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be beautiful with a little white & silver paint.

I wanted to use Krylon’s Looking Glass paint on this project, but I actually read the instructions first (tell no one about that).  If you want a mirrored finish you have to use a piece that is transparent, preferably glass.  When you spray the paint the opposite side is what creates the mirrored finish.  So….I used Design Masters Metallic Brilliant Silver.  I got it for $7.99 and I used a 40% off coupon at Michaels, $4.79…score and I only used about a third of the can.

Let’s just say I am a little cautious when it comes to companies that claim they have a product that will change how I paint.  Most are empty promises and do not deliver.

But, I am here to tell you today, Poppies Paint Powder is the real deal.

I made one cup of paint and started applying it to my nightstand and was impressed!  The paint went on smooth & easy and the coverage was awesome!

But, wait, I am getting ahead of  myself.  Let’s go back to the beginning.

silverns9e (2)

First I primed this poor French provincial nightstand (oops, her undies are showing) with Zinsser Bullseye 1.2.3 spray primer.  I didn’t go crazy with the coverage because I knew I would be putting a chalk style paint on.  I just wanted to cover that horrible green color.  So one coat and done.

Then, I mixed up my Poppies Paint Powder and added it to Behr’s Paint and Primer in Glidden White on White.  I decided to really put Poppies to the test.  I only used a paint brush on this piece.  Normally I would paint all the detailed areas, corners and trim with the brush, then I would use a roller, but I wanted to see how smooth a finish I was going to get with Poppies paint powder.  I was not disappointed and quite surprised.  The finish was smooth and the brush strokes were minimal.  Let me also say I used a well loved brush not a brand new one.

silverns9b (2)


silverns9d (2)

As I was waiting for the paint to dry I noticed those pesky little tannins in the wood rearing their ugly head.  I hate that, but when you are painting furniture it is inevitable you will find pieces that cause this.  It’s not a bad thing, just annoying because you have to fix it before you can move on.  And fix it I did…with Zinsser Bullseye Shellac spray.  The shellac stops the tannins from continuing to bleed through your paint.  I sprayed two coats on and two hours later I was painting the second and final coat of my nightstand.  Bye, bye tannins!

The second coat went on beautifully too!  After all was dry, I taped off the bottom and inside of the drawer and spray painted using my Design Masters metallic silver spray paint.  I did four light coats then sealed it with a high gloss spray.  And of course I had to spray paint a French provincial pull I had in my collection.  Do you see how the details just pop when you paint?  You can see all the curved and carved details so much more.

silverns7 (2)

And here is the final with some spring and Easter decorations to dress her up.

I really like Poppies Paint Powder.  I like how easy it was to mix, how beautifully smooth it went on, it didn’t dry too fast during application and the final look after it was dry.  The only down side is the cleaning of the brush, but that is very common with most chalky paint finishes.  My advice is to clean your brush, immediately, after the second coat.

Poppies has given me another fantastic option for getting a chalky finish.  I cannot wait to do my next project while using the powder!  It won’t be furniture, but it will be metallic.

Do you like the combination of silver & white or would you have chosen a different color?  I’d love to know your thoughts!



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Poppies Famous Paint Powder

This is going to be a quick post today.  I have been helping my daughter search for a new/used car and it has consumed a ton of my time.  She works 12-13 hrs a day and 9 hrs on Saturdays.  Her time is limited so I help out.

I am so excited to announce that I will be affiliated with Poppies Paint Powder!  I just received my paint powder yesterday and I can’t wait to try it out.

poppies logo.png

Now you may ask, what is Poppies Paint Powder?  Good question!  It is a 100% natural, mineral based additive that you can put any brand or type of paint and it creates a chalky finish.

The owner and developer of Poppies, Nancy Oliver, contacted me and asked if I would like to be affiliated with her company.  This means that I will have to complete two projects a month using the paint powder.  My answer was a resounding yes!  Any chance that I can get to try new products is a must do.  Thank you, Nancy, for the opportunity!

Normally, I make my own DIY chalk finish paint, but I have noticed with darker colors that the plaster of paris (that’s what I use) tends to show through the paint upon sanding.  It looks like little white textured dots.  I hate that.  It hasn’t stopped me from using dark paint colors, but it has limited me on how many pieces I paint with those darker colors.

The other advantage of using a mineral based powder or a diy recipe is that you aren’t limited to the colors that someone else chooses.  You have the entire color group of every brand of paint out there, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Behr, Folkart, Dreamcoat, Martha Stewart, etc.  That is a lot of colors!

s700617060960827174_p18_i3_w320.jpgPlus it is cost effective.  You only use what you need for your project.   Can’t ask for more than that!

I will be starting on my first project tomorrow.  I hope you will come back and see my first sparkly (that’s a hint) creation, read my honest review of Poppies Paint Powder and tell me what you think.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

What new products have you tried recently?



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Organizing My Workshop, Part 1

Well, it’s that time.  Time to reorganize my workshop.  This is a continual process that never ends.  I hate to clean.  I love the end result, but I hate the process to get there.

Unfortunately, my workshop is in my basement that costs a million dollars to heat.  With that said, I try not to use the furnace.  If I haven’t said it before, we bought a fixer upper.  The basement is a walk out and, at one time, was quite beautiful.  But that was in 1987 and it needs a lot of work, new carpet, drywall, flooring, painting, the list is endless.  We have a portable heater, but the space is an open layout, which means it really doesn’t heat the area very well.  So, I have to wait until it gets a little warmer to clean and reorganize.

I went down there yesterday and was completely overwhelmed!  I have been just grabbing supplies and bringing them upstairs so I could paint or craft in the warmth.  I decided it needed a complete overhaul and this is how I felt about that…


Days, yes days.  It is going to take me all week, a few hours per day, to get my workshop organized.  Really, if I admit this to myself, it wasn’t fully organized in the first place.  It was temporarily ready to paint in.  The only thing that was really organized was my pegboard and knobs….kind of.


What is not awesome is this mess.  I am mortified that you are seeing this, but maybe it will help someone else who might be facing the same mountain.  I am not going to try and complete this in a day, it is just not going to happen.  I am going to take my time and hopefully get some real organization that I can truly work with and maintain.

ws6 (2)

This is only some of the furniture I have.  I know, crazy, right?

I am a hoarder…a hoarder of furniture, crafts and accessories.  I have everything from Styrofoam balls to large pieces of furniture.  When I say everything, I am NOT kidding.  I need to find places for everything!  The only item that is really organized is my paint.  I scored the above vintage cabinet late last fall that fits all of my cans of paint (well, not my spray cans, but I have plans for those) .  Woo hoo!


Let’s start with my fabric (not all of it, but some).  I needed a place to put my fabric that I could access quickly.  My first thought was to build some sort of shelf with closet rods or dowels, then I remembered!  I have an old wooden playpen that was dismantled and it already has rungs to hang the fabric!  Yeah, repurposing. 🙂

Found on the side of the road!

Not mine, but super close

It looked exactly like this one, but there wasn’t a bottom and it didn’t have all the hardware (I found mine on the side of the road).  So I had my hubby, (he’s so nice), take off the rivets on the side that held two of the panels together.  Then I washed, lightly sanded and sealed it with Miss Mustard Seeds Tough Coat Sealer.  I love this stuff!

My  original plan with this was to use a piano hinge on the long side so that I could easily remove the fabric when needed, but my husband talked me out of that.  He said the fabric would be too heavy and the hinge would eventually wear out.  Shhh!  He was right, but don’t tell him I said that.  So he took it into his workshop and added hinges at the top, attached it to a block and made wood triangles for support.  This way, if I am having trouble getting the fabric in or out, I can easily lift it slightly and it comes out easy.  I’ve already tried it, it works great!  I placed the fabric on every other rung.

I found a piece of old wood from an old fence and he cut it to size and put it on top.  Now, I have a place to display my cute vintage jelly jars….I love that!  Don’t worry, they won’t just look pretty, they’ll be used to store buttons, extra pins, etc.  Plus I have this book shelf on the bottom with a basket of burlap, a wooden box with my trim in it, a hat box with some scraps and a couple of pillow forms.

ws9i (2)I have a lot more fabric and pillow forms.  I am going to find a trunk to store it in.  As soon as I do, I will show it to you.  This is the final shot.  Not bad considering I can’t paint or change out the carpet.  It is a work in progress until I can put up my lighting (I have a great idea for that) and fill in the massive hole in the drywall due to a leak.  I am going to try and do all of it without spending money.  How’s that for a budget?

If anyone out there has any organization suggestions, please send me pictures.  I think it’s pretty obvious I need help!!



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Salvaged Wood Fence Post Sign

Hi!  I hope you had a great Valentine’s day!  Mine was perfect.  My husband got me my all time favorite dessert, chocolate ganache cake with raspberries…he’s really cool like that!  I got to relax and watch as many romantic hallmark movies as I wanted, played games with my children and hung out with my grandchildren.  Perfect.

I mentioned in my post The Valentine’s Bench that I would show you a picture of a salvaged wood sign that I had made.  This is it!  My La Vie est BELLE or Life is Beautiful sign.  I am so proud of this sign and it is just….so me.


I am really good at writing, not writing writing, but handwriting.  When I was in fourth grade, we were graded on penmanship.  Does anyone remember being graded on penmanship?  Those were the days.  Oops, I’m pretty sure I just aged myself!

Anyway, we used to have these thin, super thin sheets of gray paper with two straight lines and a dotted line in the middle.  We had to, repeatedly, write each letter of the alphabet over and over again until we got it right.  I took great pride in my handwriting, so much so, I competed to get the highest grade!  I was in competition with this little girl named Beth.  She and I used to get the highest grades.  Man, if she got an A+ and I didn’t, I was horrified!  So I worked really hard to make my handwriting nice.

When I graduated high school, I wanted to major in Creative Writing in college.  What I thought Creative Writing was and what it really was, two totally different things.  I thought it was Creative Handwriting (boy are my cheeks red :)).  I was told I could take Art, but that’s not what I wanted.  I wanted to learn to make beautiful letters and flourishes or Typography as it’s called now.  That wasn’t an option, so I got married and became a mom….the best job ever!

I love a beautifully painted sign.  When someone has taken the time and really thought out the design, my eye is drawn right to it.  Until recently, I had been painting signs I had seen online.  These are a few of the ones I have completed.

Aren’t they beautiful typestyles?  I love them.  Of course, I have a love affair (don’t tell my husband) with all fonts.  So much so that I crashed a computer because I downloaded too many free fonts on to it. So much so that when I drive down the road and see store signs, I either cringe or smile at their choice of typestyles/fonts.  My husband laughs at me because it drives me crazy!

So, when it came time to design my own sign, I was nervous.  But I am here to tell you, don’t be!  It is so exhilarating to choose your own fonts, lay them out on the computer and watch it become something beautiful.

Do you remember the commercial for the Art Instruction Schools?  They had ads in newspapers, crossword books, etc. asking people if they could draw turtles, celebrity profiles, animals, etc.  They thought if you could draw those things, you could be taught art.  Well, I can draw those things easily, but I am NOT an artist.  I can copy just about anything, but that doesn’t make me an artist.  I don’t understand shadows and light, but if you give me a typestyle or font to copy, I’m all about that.  That is how I ‘transfer’ my designs on to wood.  I put it on the computer screen then draw it on to my canvas, referring back to the design often.  I either use a pencil or chalk and draw the outline, then fill it in with whatever paint I have on hand.  The nice thing about chalk is that you can paint over it and then just wipe off the initial drawing when you’re finished.

Here is a sign I just made for my daughter for Valentine’s day.  Every time I make anything, she wants it for herself.  So, I made her a version of the Love sign above.


You can see the process here….

It’s like coloring with crayons.  When I was little, I used to trace my coloring book pictures, then color them in.  This isn’t that different.  I used pencil to draw the design, then traced the pencil outline with a black sharpie and finally filled in with some black acrylic paint (that’s what I had on hand).  You can see that everything isn’t even and it’s definitely not perfect.  That’s okay, it’s handmade, it shouldn’t be perfect.

Sometimes I do freestyle the words on to the surface with paint, but that is rare.  It sounds scary, but it really isn’t.  It’s no different than drawing with a pencil, in fact it’s easier because you can go back over the area with paint and straighten the line out.  If you do that with pencil, it becomes shading and it makes it harder to paint over.


I use different kinds of paintbrushes.  It depends on how thick or thin I am going to make the letters.  But really, if you are unsure about using a paintbrush, you can use a sharpie marker or even a paint marker.  Those are perfectly fine because they are like crayons!  Only one warning…if you use chalk to draw your design, markers (all kinds) get kind of gunked up because the chalk dries out the ink or paint.

Anyone can make a sign.  Once you complete your design, on the computer, you can print it out or take it to an office store and they can print it out and you can transfer it on to a piece of wood, canvas or other surface.  There are several different ways to transfer your design on to your canvas.  Here is a link to The Graphics Fairy, This is a great site!  She has 12 different ways to transfer designs to any DIY project.


I love how this sign came out.  I love the design, the typestyles, the use of lowercase and uppercase letters and the flourishes.  It isn’t perfect, but I am okay with that.  Isn’t it amazing what you can do with salvaged fence pickets and a little bit of paint?

Do you think you can make your own sign now?  I’d love to see some of your work!



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Getting distracted by the little things


I am finding that it is getting easier to be distracted by the little things. You know what I’m talking about, when you’re trying to focus on completing a project and little things just keep demanding your attention.

Sometimes those little things are my grandchildren and quite honestly, I love those distractions…literally! But then there are those that need to be dealt with. The everyday things, dishes, groceries, exercising (really hate this one), dinner, the cold, etc. I know I have to do them, but I don’t want to, I want to just finish a project without any distractions, listening to 3 Doors Down and Bob Seger. I want to be able to sand my projects outside where the sun is shining and it is warm, not in a garage without heat. Aaah, the little things.

I try to focus on the big tall dresser I’m working on, that I’ve been working on for e v e r! Then, on my way to do the laundry, I get distracted by a little vintage stool and inspiration takes hold. This poor little stool looks so beat up and dark that I know all it needs is a little love, a little paint…bright paint and it will be a distraction no longer.


So what do I do? Of course I have to save this little stool from the dark existence of waiting for its turn with the paint brush. I have to bring it some bright colors to fill its day with sunshine!  The dresser will have to wait….again.  Aaah, the little things.


I painted two coats of a beautiful pinkish paint, Red Delicious by Behr.  I just painted it on quickly in long strokes.  Oh and I did spray, one coat, with my go to primer, BIN 1 2 3.  I ran out in the middle so I had to make a run to the store….wah, wah, wah.   Sorry I don’t have a picture of the full bench, but the first picture I took disappeared off my phone.  Aaah, the little things.

The wonderful thing about stools…they don’t take long to get that instant satisfaction we so desire when we paint!  I waited one hour between coats and then two hours before I put the next color on, a fun turquoise called Paris Runway by Clark & Kensington.  What?!  Turquoise, on red?  You betcha!  A beautiful vintage stool deserves a beautiful vintage color combination.  Turquoise & Red are classics.  Back in the 50’s, you could find it everywhere.  I love it!


We got up to 44 degrees today, outside I go.  You see how pretty they look together?  The red peeks through the turquoise, that’s all, just peeks through.  Didja think I was going to paint stripes or something?  Layering, layering, layering, that’s what it’s all about.  Just one coat of turquoise was all it took.

Sanding kills two birds with one stone here, 1) a smooth finish and 2) more of the red pops out.  Just a little more sanding and it will be ready for polycrylic.  I chose polycrylic because I wanted this to be functional, not just tucked in a corner some where.  Poly gives it that extra protection that a furniture wax just can’t.  Although I love me some furniture wax…smells bad, but finishes to perfection.

blackstool1a blackstool9a

Back to 30 degrees, *sigh*.  Two coats of red, one coat of turquoise and 3 coats of poly.  I think this little stool turned out super cute.  Way better than the boring black that it was and doesn’t it look all cheerful and bright with the flowers and conversation hearts?  Don’t look now! My grandsons are coming to steal those hearts!!  Aaah, the little things. 🙂

Do you have any ‘little things’ that distract you or any ‘little projects’ that need your attention?  Let me know and send pictures!



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