About me, huh?  Well, I’m married, to the love of my life, with three terrific children and four (so far) wonderful grandchildren.  I love to restyle furniture, mostly vintage, but some modern and have started a business doing what I love.  Vintage furniture is so well made and has such beautiful lines (can you say cabriole legs) that it just makes sense to restyle it into something beautiful and bring back its charm.

I believe decorating your home should not cost more money than a car, but unfortunately,that seems to be normal.  My home is not decorated the way I want yet because I wasn’t aware of my style until recently.  Now I know I am Rustic Refined, who knew?!  I love grays, beiges, whites (love my whites), aqua and pink.  But more than that I love wood, beautiful distressed, beat up, weathered wood.  Wood is what really makes a space feel warm and inviting and that is what I want for my home.

So come hang out with me while I paint furniture, decorate my home and discuss all of the mistakes I will surely make in this process!



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