Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

So, I haven’t been around in a loooong while.  Some things have been happening in my life that just required some down time.  But I am back and ready to get this party started!


What do you say?  Shall we dance with some Valentine’s Day mason jars?  I know, I know, everyone has a blog post about mason jars, but I can’t help it, I love them and all the wonderful things you can do with them.  These are very simple and anyone, including children can make these for any occasion.  So versatile, so fun!  I am even thinking about painting a few for St. Patrick’s Day and I don’t even decorate for March 17th.


First, you start with a mason jar, any old jar will do even blank ones.  You mix some latex or craft paints with your Poppies Paint Powder to create a chalk finish paint.  There is no taping required, all you do is start at the top, under the lip and start painting downward.  The beauty of these jars is that painting is quick and you can use one or two coats, depending on the look you are going for.  My recommendation is that you paint in downward strokes only.  If you get a little on the lip, wait until the paint is dry and scrape it with your fingernail, popsicle stick, nail file, whatever you have on hand.  Comes right off!


As you can see, I chose to do three different shades of pink.  Believe it or not, all I had on masonjarsredpainthand was a very light pink.  I just mixed a little of my white craft paint to create a lighter pink and a little of my red craft paint to create a more vibrant pink.  No measuring, easy peasy.  Don’t you just love my dollar store hearts plate?  Super cute!

Once they were all dry (I chose to put two coats on), I took some sandpaper, 120 grit, and sanded the high edges or where the design was.  I did this all the way around, but you could stop at the front or if you have plain jars, just sand and distress where you think it looks good.  And if you don’t want to distress at all…don’t.  There is no wrong way, I swear!  While I was sanding, I accidentally hit the smooth part of the jar.  No problem, I just left it there because I wasn’t too concerned about it, after all, I was distressing the jar.


After I was done sanding, I used a tack cloth to wipe it off.  You can get these at any hardware store, Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, you get the idea.  Now you can just stop here or you can seal your paint.  I chose to use my clear Daddy Vans Furniture Wax, lavender scent.  Smells so good.  I just took a rag, dipped into the wax and smeared it all over.  I waited about two minutes (because I am impatient) and used a lint free cloth to rub it in until it was smooth.  Then popped in some artificial flowers I had on hand and voila! a simple, beautiful decoration for the day of Love & Hearts.


This is how cute they look in my booth!


Valentine’s Booth 2017

So do you think you can make these?  I am so sure that you can.  Thank you for coming and visiting with me today and I really hope you have a happy and beautiful Valentine’s Day!


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