The Antique Library Table

It was a crazy two weeks getting ready for The Peach Festival in Romeo, Michigan. It was over the Labor Day weekend. We had beautiful, perfect weather all three days, which is rare in Michigan. There were many wonderful people and vendors there and my husband and I enjoyed each and every person.


This was our third year there and it was great because we have started to build a following. To my most wonderful surprise, people were seeking us out and even remembered the items we had from previous years! How amazing is that?! I am truly grateful for everyone’s wonderful comments and cannot wait until next year!

Every year I always have one piece of furniture that seems to outshine all the others. I always know which one it will be, but this year the response was incredible! If I had five more, I would have sold every one. I found an old antique library table at a garage sale in May. It was buried under a pile of games and pictures and I almost didn’t see it. It was at the same sale I found a beautiful 1914 dress form for $20! Once I saw the table, I knew it was coming home with me, but I had both my grandsons in car seats, only $20 in my purse and the dress form was going to my house regardless of if I got the library table or not.

Soooo, what’s a girl to do? Of course I asked the nice gentlemen if he would please keep it there for me while I went to the bank and got the money and then asked if he would please keep them both there until my son could get home from work so I could fit them in my car without my grandsons. And he said…drumroll please….yes!

I originally got this table for my husband. Once my son and his family buy their own home, he will be able to use the kids playroom as a library and this would have been absolutely perfect. My husband, being a man, said “I should sell it and get the money from it, we’ll find another one”. Seriously? How many nearly 100 year old library tables do you come across each year? Oh well, his loss.


Unfortunately this is the only before picture I have because the other ones were deleted out of my phone by some really cute little fingers. You can see how buried it was, but you can also see the damage. This gentleman had been using it in his garage as a work table…gasp…cough…choke…ugh!!! The black stain or I suspect, original milk paint that had been on this table was leathered. Yep leathered. It looked like it had been sitting in the sun and bubbled up, then dried. So I stripped the top, twice, then sanded it, then sanded again, then sanded some more and sanded again to try and get all the water stains out of the top. The wood underneath? Amazing! As only antique original wood can be.

I then sanded by hand all the nooks and crannies over and over again to try and get that leathered look out of the legs. We are talking hours here not minutes and over a few days. I eventually got it smooth, but not until I thought my arms were going to fall off. 🙂

I knew the moment I saw this antique table what I was going to do. Navy blue or black bottom, slightly distressed to highlight the details and stained top. Black won that battle so I mixed my black Behr paint with my Poppies Paint Powder and proceeded to make this neglected piece of gorgeousness beautiful once again. I was so excited with the result, I kept calling everyone into my work room to see. They just did the yep nod because they just don’t get it! I was getting goose bumps while I was painting because I knew what was happening. This beauty was becoming magnificent once again.

I only needed two coats of the black and then I started sanding to distress and again I was getting goose bumps. Oh my gosh so pretty. Then the magic happened. I put the polycrylic on. Ta Da! Absolutely grand! Just look at those feet and the legs, oh my couldn’t you just swoon! After I put four coats on, I reattached the top and put my first coat of stain on, Min Wax Special Walnut, my fav.

Then I called my husband in when he got home. That’s when the yep nod took a vacation and the oh my gosh mouth drop showed up. His exact words “this is the table you wanted me to keep for my library? I want it now”. Well, duh! And too bad. 😛


This is what he saw.  Only one coat of poly so far, 4 more to go!

We took this grand, magnificent, beauty to the Peach Festival at 9:45am and it sold by 10:30, with two people wanting it at the same time. Made me super happy, but super sad too. It would have been so awesome in the knuckleheads, ahem, I mean my husband’s library. Maybe next time he’ll listen to me…..or not. librarytable9librarytable8

So what do you think, is this not the most grand library table you have ever seen?  Pictures just don’t do it justice…at least the ones have left.


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