The Baby Poop Colored Toy Box turned Fabric Storage

toybox01 (2)

I bet you’re laughing at the title of this post or just completely confused!  I know I am, but it’s true!  I found this toy box at Goodwill for $9.99 and had to get it.  I have been looking for a trunk or wooden toy  box to put all of my pillow forms and fabric in for two months and finally came across this one.

It is a large size but it was soooo plain and baby poop color…literally.  I decided to try something different especially since this will be in my workshop.

 Quick Tip:  If you’re going to try new things, do it on your own stuff!

First things first…it had to have legs.  I didn’t want to have to bend way over to reach my fabric and I kind of wanted it to be close to the height of my countertop.  I had some pieces from some spindles that I used on a craft project and they were perfect.  I used my husbands compound miter saw to even out the length.  I really love that saw.  The toy box was originally 21 ¼” tall, I made my legs 7 ¾” long so that I added 8″.

toybox09 (2)

This toy box was simply constructed.  Plywood for sides and 2 x 2’s for trim.  This made it perfect to attach legs.  I had some left over 1 x 2’s from another project, so I asked my husband to measure (I stink at that) so we could put the 1 x 2’s between each leg.  This keeps the legs tight and secure.  I really didn’t need to use super secure ‘L’ brackets or anything since it will only be holding fabric and pillow forms.

Once we had the 1 x 2’s cut to size, my husband used his handy Kreg jig, you can get these at any home improvement or hardware store for about $30.  It allows you to pre-drill a screw hole at an angle and secure the legs.  You don’t have to have a Kreg jig, you can toe nail them in with nails or screws.  We prefer this because it is soooo much easier and much more secure.  Looks good too!

Now to began the decorating part…yay!  I have been wanting to try using joint compound to create texture on a piece of furniture for awhile now.  This was my opportunity.  I’m fairly decent at mudding drywall, so unfortunately, we had some on hand.  Yes, I said unfortunately….I hate doing drywall.

I applied it, on the outside only, with a 6″ drywall spatula (probably not the technical name, but that’s what I call it).  I wasn’t neat just put it on from end to end and kind of smoothed it out.  I didn’t want big lumps, but I wanted to be able to see the lines.  First I did the larger sides, let it dry, then applied it to the trim.  Again, I  was not neat.

After it was all dry (I waited 24 hrs.), I used a 2″ metal scraper or spackle spatula to gently remove the lumpy parts.  Just the ones that were too high.  Then I quickly sanded with a 150 grit sandpaper and used a tack cloth to remove the dust.  When I say quickly, I mean it took me less than five minutes.

toybox18 (2)

Sorry about this picture, I’m having trouble with my photo editing program 😦

I then attached a wood applique that I got at Home Depot on clearance for $2.00 about two years ago.  Been waited to put it on something and I knew, when I saw this toy box, it was the perfect place.  I always buy appliques whenever I see them on clearance, at rummage & garage sales and at flea markets.  I never pay more that $2.00, that’s a deal when you realize they cost $6.oo plus, at the Home Depots of the world.

I had some diy gray chalk paint (mixed with Poppies Paint Powder of course) and I decided to dry brush it on.  I dipped the tip of the brush in the paint enough to cover, then used a folded paper towel to remove any thick paint.  You don’t want to put too much paint on your brush, but again, I wasn’t trying to be perfect or neat.  If I got too much on, oh well, I’m going for a distressed look.  By the time I was done, I could add another color, which I did.

Light pink.  Yep you read that right.  I love pink.  I repeated the dry brushing process with my pink chalk paint that I used Poppies Paint Powder and Behr paint to create.  The pink was an ‘oops’ color that I got for $2.00.  I could not get a good picture of the pink no matter how many times I took it.  Time for another color!

I decided I wanted to add an old white look to it so I went and purchased a sample size of Pearlized White at Home Depot.  I love this color!  It looks like Annie Sloan’s Old White, but is much, much cheaper.  Again I dry brushed it on.  I really liked how it came out, but I wanted it to look a little dirty or yellowed.  So I added some brown wax.

I put it on the edges and corners and kind of all over too.  I did not do the legs.  I wanted them to look different.   They only have gray and old white on them.  I really love the look of this toy fabric box, but I’m completely unsure of the brown wax.  The wax I used is Daddy Van’s All Natural Decorative Wax in Antique Brown.  The wax went on smooth and I love the antique brown color, I’m just not sure I like it on the fabric box.  You can see the difference in the colors in the top left picture.  It did give the pink a little more brown tint, which I love.  It’s probably because I love gray and white together, but I am going to leave it awhile to see if it grows on me.  If not, I can always go back and put more gray in there.

toybox22 My fabric and pillows forms fit well too!

toybox26 (2)

Anyway I decide I absolute LOVE the way the texture looks!!  I’m know this look is not for everyone, but to me, it looks so aged and old and different from everything else, that I just love it.  And the wood applique…so me!

So, I really would love to know what you think about the brown wax.  Should I go back and repaint or leave it like it is?  I just don’t know.


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  1. It turned out great!


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