Pink Metallic Paint and Aluminum Pitchers

pitcher1 (2)

I found these adorable pitchers at the Goodwill.  I love shopping there for accessories.  I don’t buy a lot of furniture there because it is way overpriced.

I love the bronze/copper finish, but I thought it was just a little too much.  I though it needed some pink.  Now, for those of you who don’t know, I love pink.  Pink is my favorite color.  When my daughter was little, her entire room was pink, pink wall, pink bedding, pink toy box, pink bed…you get the idea.  I don’t paint a lot of furniture pink, but accessories are fair game!  So when I saw these pitchers, well, I knew they would be coming home with me.

If you remember my last post Poppy’s Paint Powder Review & a French Provincial Nightstand, I said I would be doing something metallic.  These pitchers are aluminum and the paint I chose to use is a pink metallic by Ralph Lauren.

pitcher4 (2)

I mixed up my Poppies and added it to my metallic paint.  Just like last time the coverage was great!  I wasn’t careful with how I put it on because I wanted a shabby chicish look.  The above picture is after one coat of the metallic pink.  I love how it looks!

I decided I really liked how it looked with only one coat, but I didn’t want them to look the same.  Soooo….being me, I decided to paint a second coat on the swirly one.  Before I did that, I took some Vaseline and rubbed it along the design so the paint wouldn’t stick too much.  Can you see how the paint pulled away from the design?  I wiped off the Vaseline with a damp rag and then took a 600 grit sand sponge, that’s just what I had near me, you could use any grit higher than 150.  I lightly sanded so the bronze/copper color would just peek through.

It’s really hard to tell from the pictures, but you can really see the depth and the pink just shimmers.  And, of course, pink & bronze or pink & copper really work well together.

Again, I was impressed with Poppies.  I did not sand before I put the paint on to the aluminum pitcher.  Just slapped it on and it is holding up very well, in fact, it was a little difficult to sand the paint off with the 600 grit.  I am so impressed with the adhesion, I’m not putting any type of sealer on this one!

I decided the pitchers looked a little plain.  I had some burlap on hand and quickly (like 10 minutes) made some burlap flowers, super easy tutorial here.  I cut a strip of burlap, wrapped it around the top and hot glued the ends.  Then I hot glued all of my burlap flowers on to the strip of burlap.  I purposely put the flowers off center.  It think it looks cuter.  Here’s a great tutorial for how to cut burlap straight.

I’m not sure I like the leaves with the flowers or maybe it’s just how dark they are.  Maybe I will make some tulle leaves, just to soften the look more.  What do you think?

pitcher9e (2)

I just couldn’t resist putting some beautiful white tulips in the pitcher.  I think it looks so pretty.  This project took me less than two hours total and that’s because I had to make dinner while I was doing it.  Oh…and wait for the paint to dry.  Do you have any of these pitchers laying around?  Do you want to transform them for spring?

Get a little paint and go for it!!



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6 Responses to Pink Metallic Paint and Aluminum Pitchers

  1. Great post! The burlap flowers are a nice touch 🙂


  2. marilyn says:

    Great post.. I’m looking for the post with the grey/white night stand So pretty,, Russ posted this morning


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