Poppies Famous Paint Powder

This is going to be a quick post today.  I have been helping my daughter search for a new/used car and it has consumed a ton of my time.  She works 12-13 hrs a day and 9 hrs on Saturdays.  Her time is limited so I help out.

I am so excited to announce that I will be affiliated with Poppies Paint Powder!  I just received my paint powder yesterday and I can’t wait to try it out.

poppies logo.png

Now you may ask, what is Poppies Paint Powder?  Good question!  It is a 100% natural, mineral based additive that you can put any brand or type of paint and it creates a chalky finish.

The owner and developer of Poppies, Nancy Oliver, contacted me and asked if I would like to be affiliated with her company.  This means that I will have to complete two projects a month using the paint powder.  My answer was a resounding yes!  Any chance that I can get to try new products is a must do.  Thank you, Nancy, for the opportunity!

Normally, I make my own DIY chalk finish paint, but I have noticed with darker colors that the plaster of paris (that’s what I use) tends to show through the paint upon sanding.  It looks like little white textured dots.  I hate that.  It hasn’t stopped me from using dark paint colors, but it has limited me on how many pieces I paint with those darker colors.

The other advantage of using a mineral based powder or a diy recipe is that you aren’t limited to the colors that someone else chooses.  You have the entire color group of every brand of paint out there, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Valspar, Behr, Folkart, Dreamcoat, Martha Stewart, etc.  That is a lot of colors!

s700617060960827174_p18_i3_w320.jpgPlus it is cost effective.  You only use what you need for your project.   Can’t ask for more than that!

I will be starting on my first project tomorrow.  I hope you will come back and see my first sparkly (that’s a hint) creation, read my honest review of Poppies Paint Powder and tell me what you think.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

What new products have you tried recently?



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