Valentine’s Day Mason Jars

So, I haven’t been around in a loooong while.  Some things have been happening in my life that just required some down time.  But I am back and ready to get this party started!


What do you say?  Shall we dance with some Valentine’s Day mason jars?  I know, I know, everyone has a blog post about mason jars, but I can’t help it, I love them and all the wonderful things you can do with them.  These are very simple and anyone, including children can make these for any occasion.  So versatile, so fun!  I am even thinking about painting a few for St. Patrick’s Day and I don’t even decorate for March 17th.


First, you start with a mason jar, any old jar will do even blank ones.  You mix some latex or craft paints with your Poppies Paint Powder to create a chalk finish paint.  There is no taping required, all you do is start at the top, under the lip and start painting downward.  The beauty of these jars is that painting is quick and you can use one or two coats, depending on the look you are going for.  My recommendation is that you paint in downward strokes only.  If you get a little on the lip, wait until the paint is dry and scrape it with your fingernail, popsicle stick, nail file, whatever you have on hand.  Comes right off!


As you can see, I chose to do three different shades of pink.  Believe it or not, all I had on masonjarsredpainthand was a very light pink.  I just mixed a little of my white craft paint to create a lighter pink and a little of my red craft paint to create a more vibrant pink.  No measuring, easy peasy.  Don’t you just love my dollar store hearts plate?  Super cute!

Once they were all dry (I chose to put two coats on), I took some sandpaper, 120 grit, and sanded the high edges or where the design was.  I did this all the way around, but you could stop at the front or if you have plain jars, just sand and distress where you think it looks good.  And if you don’t want to distress at all…don’t.  There is no wrong way, I swear!  While I was sanding, I accidentally hit the smooth part of the jar.  No problem, I just left it there because I wasn’t too concerned about it, after all, I was distressing the jar.


After I was done sanding, I used a tack cloth to wipe it off.  You can get these at any hardware store, Walmart, Meijer, Kmart, you get the idea.  Now you can just stop here or you can seal your paint.  I chose to use my clear Daddy Vans Furniture Wax, lavender scent.  Smells so good.  I just took a rag, dipped into the wax and smeared it all over.  I waited about two minutes (because I am impatient) and used a lint free cloth to rub it in until it was smooth.  Then popped in some artificial flowers I had on hand and voila! a simple, beautiful decoration for the day of Love & Hearts.


This is how cute they look in my booth!


Valentine’s Booth 2017

So do you think you can make these?  I am so sure that you can.  Thank you for coming and visiting with me today and I really hope you have a happy and beautiful Valentine’s Day!


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How to Paint REAL Pumpkins!

This post all started because I got a great deal on some little white pumpkins and bought 20 of them! I wanted something to put in my booth that said fall without too much color. I already made some pumpkin blocks to put in there and that really is enough orange and black. Although I love orange and black and everything Halloween!


So this is what I started with.  20 white pumpkins that didn’t look quite as white as I wanted them to be. So I set out on a quest to find an online site that could help me paint these so that the paint wouldn’t flake off too much. You can’t sand pumpkins to help the paint adhere. There isn’t much out there, but I did manage to piece together a good solution.

First I washed and completely dried them. Just used your standard dish soap and water. No scrubbing! It will ruin your pumpkin skin. I used a rag I had around that was a little rough, not the expensive soft ones, I think I got it at the dollar store. Love that place!  After they were all dry, I sprayed them with some matte paint sealer. Just one full coat, top, bottom and sides. Let it dry for two hours. They recommend one hour, but I wanted to be safe because they will be in the booth being handled.

Once that was dry, I used my Behr paint mixed with Poppies Paint Powder to create a good solid chalk type paint. I painted them all, but four of them with white.  Then I added my Poppies to some acrylic craft paint in gold and painted those.  I did two coats on each pumpkin and that gave me the color I wanted.  I let these dry overnight.  Left one is unpainted and right has two coats on.

Next morning I started painting the designs.  I love polka dots and that was the easiest by far to do.  I used one of those cheap yellow foam daubers and just started pouncing.  The ones that spell out BOO, I  used my paint markers, but you could use any marker or even just paint the letters on.  I also used my paint markers to make the spider, swirls and the HAPPY FALL.

TIP:  If you want a more light shiny gold, paint your pumpkin with white first, then put only one coat of gold on.  paintedpumpkins5The white will show through slightly giving your pumpkin a lighter glow.

For the striped one, I used a paint marker to make the gold lines, then I used the acrylic paint to fill them in.  Easy!

TIP: Don’t try and follow the natural pumpkin lines, make your own.  You won’t be able to hardly tell where the natural lines are.

I allowed all of them to dry another couple hours and sprayed them again with the matte sealer.  I only did one coat of sealer, but if you were going to keep these outside, I would suggest an outdoor sealer that will hold up through the weather.  I say this because in the last three days, it has rained more than not.


Let’s do a quick recap.  Wash, dry, spray with a paint sealer, dry, paint, dry and then spray with a sealer again.  Not too many steps to cuteness, huh?


I really like how they turned out and I cannot wait to try these with another color next year.  I might even do a harlequin (diamond) pattern with purple and lime green.  So fun!

Have you painted real pumpkins before?  If so, what method did you use and post pictures so I can see!!


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The Antique Library Table

It was a crazy two weeks getting ready for The Peach Festival in Romeo, Michigan. It was over the Labor Day weekend. We had beautiful, perfect weather all three days, which is rare in Michigan. There were many wonderful people and vendors there and my husband and I enjoyed each and every person.


This was our third year there and it was great because we have started to build a following. To my most wonderful surprise, people were seeking us out and even remembered the items we had from previous years! How amazing is that?! I am truly grateful for everyone’s wonderful comments and cannot wait until next year!

Every year I always have one piece of furniture that seems to outshine all the others. I always know which one it will be, but this year the response was incredible! If I had five more, I would have sold every one. I found an old antique library table at a garage sale in May. It was buried under a pile of games and pictures and I almost didn’t see it. It was at the same sale I found a beautiful 1914 dress form for $20! Once I saw the table, I knew it was coming home with me, but I had both my grandsons in car seats, only $20 in my purse and the dress form was going to my house regardless of if I got the library table or not.

Soooo, what’s a girl to do? Of course I asked the nice gentlemen if he would please keep it there for me while I went to the bank and got the money and then asked if he would please keep them both there until my son could get home from work so I could fit them in my car without my grandsons. And he said…drumroll please….yes!

I originally got this table for my husband. Once my son and his family buy their own home, he will be able to use the kids playroom as a library and this would have been absolutely perfect. My husband, being a man, said “I should sell it and get the money from it, we’ll find another one”. Seriously? How many nearly 100 year old library tables do you come across each year? Oh well, his loss.


Unfortunately this is the only before picture I have because the other ones were deleted out of my phone by some really cute little fingers. You can see how buried it was, but you can also see the damage. This gentleman had been using it in his garage as a work table…gasp…cough…choke…ugh!!! The black stain or I suspect, original milk paint that had been on this table was leathered. Yep leathered. It looked like it had been sitting in the sun and bubbled up, then dried. So I stripped the top, twice, then sanded it, then sanded again, then sanded some more and sanded again to try and get all the water stains out of the top. The wood underneath? Amazing! As only antique original wood can be.

I then sanded by hand all the nooks and crannies over and over again to try and get that leathered look out of the legs. We are talking hours here not minutes and over a few days. I eventually got it smooth, but not until I thought my arms were going to fall off. 🙂

I knew the moment I saw this antique table what I was going to do. Navy blue or black bottom, slightly distressed to highlight the details and stained top. Black won that battle so I mixed my black Behr paint with my Poppies Paint Powder and proceeded to make this neglected piece of gorgeousness beautiful once again. I was so excited with the result, I kept calling everyone into my work room to see. They just did the yep nod because they just don’t get it! I was getting goose bumps while I was painting because I knew what was happening. This beauty was becoming magnificent once again.

I only needed two coats of the black and then I started sanding to distress and again I was getting goose bumps. Oh my gosh so pretty. Then the magic happened. I put the polycrylic on. Ta Da! Absolutely grand! Just look at those feet and the legs, oh my couldn’t you just swoon! After I put four coats on, I reattached the top and put my first coat of stain on, Min Wax Special Walnut, my fav.

Then I called my husband in when he got home. That’s when the yep nod took a vacation and the oh my gosh mouth drop showed up. His exact words “this is the table you wanted me to keep for my library? I want it now”. Well, duh! And too bad. 😛


This is what he saw.  Only one coat of poly so far, 4 more to go!

We took this grand, magnificent, beauty to the Peach Festival at 9:45am and it sold by 10:30, with two people wanting it at the same time. Made me super happy, but super sad too. It would have been so awesome in the knuckleheads, ahem, I mean my husband’s library. Maybe next time he’ll listen to me…..or not. librarytable9librarytable8

So what do you think, is this not the most grand library table you have ever seen?  Pictures just don’t do it justice…at least the ones have left.


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How to Remove Oil from a Wooden Cutting Board…Naturally

Ok, doesn’t anyone else find older cutting boards/bread boards at thrift or garage sales? And if you do, they are usually well loved and either in need or oil or have waaaay too much oil.


In my case, waaaay too much oil. I found this vintage cutting board shaped like a piggy at an estate sale for $1.00, yep, $1.00. The children were hosting the estate sale and didn’t understand what they had. Their mom had probably used this nearly everyday of their lives and created wonderful meals for them. It was used, oiled and loved quite a bit.

In trying to keep it beautiful and useful, their mom oiled it frequently, too frequently and now it’s sticky and unusable. But for me, it’s perfect to display! I just need to get rid of some of the stickiness.

I searched and searched online for a way to remove oil and grease from wood, cutting boards, bread boards, cabinets, anything to get rid of this. There are all kinds of posts and videos for removing oil and grease with harsh products, but I want to remove it naturally in case, I might want to use it one day. You can’t use harsh chemicals on a surface that touches your food. There are even posts and videos for how to apply oil to wood…um, I got that one covered.

I finally found a video about removing grease naturally from kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, I cannot find it again.  She started out using apple cider vinegar and oil and it worked on the lightly greasy areas, but not on the heavily greasy part, you know, where the handle is? She then tried using a combination of 4 tbsps. baking soda to one tbsp. of olive oil. She rubbed it on and it worked really well.


Oh, I forgot to mention the elbow grease, you need to use elbow grease to remove grease. 🙂

So, I thought I would give it a try. I made the paste and spread it on with a cake knife (you can use a butter or putty knife, I just like this one). I let it sit for about five minutes…don’t know why, I just did, sounds good, right?  I dampened the end of an old washcloth and began rubbing in a circular motion all over the little pig. I couldn’t tell if it was getting rid of the oil or just the years of use. Once I was finished, I rinsed it with warm water. I still couldn’t tell so I rubbed my hand over it and it felt less oily except in two places. You know how it feels when you wash your hair and as you run your hands over it, it squeaks? That’s what the cleaner areas felt like, but no squeaking.

I continued to wash the two oily areas, rinsed and let dry. And to my most awesome delight, it worked!! It now looks like my grandma’s cutting board, which I haven’t oiled since I got it…ahem…30 years ago…cough…sputter.

You can see the difference here. This is the side I did and this is the side I still need to do.

After I washed both sides, I rough, then fine sanded.  I could have had my hubby plane it to get rid of all the use, but what’s the point of getting a vintage cutting board if you’re just going to get rid of the patina.  I love the patina.


I then wiped it down with a wet rag, still keeping with no chemicals and when it was dry I rubbed hemp oil on it.  You can use olive oil or any food safe oil, I like hemp oil though.  To me, it’s less greasy.  I waited an hour and then wiped up the excess.  There wasn’t much excess because the olive oil and baking soda pulled out the old oil so well.  The wood just soaked it up.  And as you can see, it looks so cool!  I can still see the knife marks where she prepared dinner.


Just look at that patina!


So if you ever find a beautiful cutting board, but it feels oily and gross, don’t pass it up! Just clean it up!


This has a second coat of oil…beautiful


What do you think, will you buy that old cutting board or just pass it on by? If you pass it up, let me know, I’ll come get it!


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Life Interrupted and a White and Tan Dresser

Well, the last three months have been a bit….stressful. I started babysitting my grandchildren three times a week, helped my daughter move, shopped for furniture with her, painted her apartment and discovered I have a complex tear of the meniscus, osteoarthritis and a bakers cyst in my knee.

But by far the most stressful thing has been discovering that someone very close to me has cancer. I’ve been through this with my mom, but this person is young and active and it’s hard to realize that they could be taken away from you.  Luckily, the doctors found it early and surgery has been performed successfully.  The doctors feel they got it all and her recovery is going well.  I am so relieved, pleased and happy.  You don’t realize how stressed you are as this is occurring, but afterwards, the relief you feel is enormous.

Now things are a little less stressful, my knee feels a little better and painting is back on!  I have completed my first project since all this started and I can’t wait to show you.

I think I mentioned this before, maybe I didn’t, oh well, if not I will now.  I like simple pieces of furniture that have architectural details with a little punch.  I like to paint simply and let the piece sparkle.  This dresser is the perfect example of that.  This is what it looked like before…

And this was exactly what it looked like when I picked it up.  Someone had started to sand it down and stopped.  They did the hard work for me, all I had to do was fine sand, wipe it down and paint.  Love that!  Look at the curves at the top!  So pretty.   It’s hard to see in this picture because of the color, but the top two drawers are opposites of each other…makes for a beautiful architectural detail.

I have been wanting to paint something in tan and white, I love that color combination.  It is simple and clean, but really makes a statement.  I used Benjamin Moore’s Dove White and Valspar’s Shopping Bag along with my favorite go to additive Poppies Paint Powder.  I used Poppies to create a chalk paint type finish for durability and to cover the black.  Here you can see what it looked like in process.  A lot of white and little tan.


What a difference, huh?  White makes everything bright.  It was a labor of love for this one because it was so beat up.  I filled countless holes, but not all of them.  Every piece of furniture has a story to tell and I don’t like to cover every knick and dent, but I also don’t want it to scream the story, just calmly tell it. 🙂

Before I started even painting, I knew what handles I wanted to put on.  I saw them at Hobby Lobby, bought them and waited for the right piece to come along.  For this dresser, I used two different types, a larger white rose and a clear glass rose.  I didn’t buy enough and had to go back, but that worked out too, because they had a bunch of knobs on clearance, woo hoo, yay me!

I decided to put two different top coats on.  Polycrylic for the inside of the drawers and the surround where the drawers go in and Daddy Vans Wax for the drawer fronts, top, sides and bottom of the dresser.  This worked well and the sheens are nearly identical.

Isn’t she a beauty?  Simple and elegant.  Just look at how the curves on the dresser show up now and do you see how the first two drawers are opposites?  Not every piece I paint comes out the way I first envision it, but his one did and I love it!!  She’ll be in my booth by the end of the week.


What do you think of the tan and white?



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The Baby Poop Colored Toy Box turned Fabric Storage

toybox01 (2)

I bet you’re laughing at the title of this post or just completely confused!  I know I am, but it’s true!  I found this toy box at Goodwill for $9.99 and had to get it.  I have been looking for a trunk or wooden toy  box to put all of my pillow forms and fabric in for two months and finally came across this one.

It is a large size but it was soooo plain and baby poop color…literally.  I decided to try something different especially since this will be in my workshop.

 Quick Tip:  If you’re going to try new things, do it on your own stuff!

First things first…it had to have legs.  I didn’t want to have to bend way over to reach my fabric and I kind of wanted it to be close to the height of my countertop.  I had some pieces from some spindles that I used on a craft project and they were perfect.  I used my husbands compound miter saw to even out the length.  I really love that saw.  The toy box was originally 21 ¼” tall, I made my legs 7 ¾” long so that I added 8″.

toybox09 (2)

This toy box was simply constructed.  Plywood for sides and 2 x 2’s for trim.  This made it perfect to attach legs.  I had some left over 1 x 2’s from another project, so I asked my husband to measure (I stink at that) so we could put the 1 x 2’s between each leg.  This keeps the legs tight and secure.  I really didn’t need to use super secure ‘L’ brackets or anything since it will only be holding fabric and pillow forms.

Once we had the 1 x 2’s cut to size, my husband used his handy Kreg jig, you can get these at any home improvement or hardware store for about $30.  It allows you to pre-drill a screw hole at an angle and secure the legs.  You don’t have to have a Kreg jig, you can toe nail them in with nails or screws.  We prefer this because it is soooo much easier and much more secure.  Looks good too!

Now to began the decorating part…yay!  I have been wanting to try using joint compound to create texture on a piece of furniture for awhile now.  This was my opportunity.  I’m fairly decent at mudding drywall, so unfortunately, we had some on hand.  Yes, I said unfortunately….I hate doing drywall.

I applied it, on the outside only, with a 6″ drywall spatula (probably not the technical name, but that’s what I call it).  I wasn’t neat just put it on from end to end and kind of smoothed it out.  I didn’t want big lumps, but I wanted to be able to see the lines.  First I did the larger sides, let it dry, then applied it to the trim.  Again, I  was not neat.

After it was all dry (I waited 24 hrs.), I used a 2″ metal scraper or spackle spatula to gently remove the lumpy parts.  Just the ones that were too high.  Then I quickly sanded with a 150 grit sandpaper and used a tack cloth to remove the dust.  When I say quickly, I mean it took me less than five minutes.

toybox18 (2)

Sorry about this picture, I’m having trouble with my photo editing program 😦

I then attached a wood applique that I got at Home Depot on clearance for $2.00 about two years ago.  Been waited to put it on something and I knew, when I saw this toy box, it was the perfect place.  I always buy appliques whenever I see them on clearance, at rummage & garage sales and at flea markets.  I never pay more that $2.00, that’s a deal when you realize they cost $6.oo plus, at the Home Depots of the world.

I had some diy gray chalk paint (mixed with Poppies Paint Powder of course) and I decided to dry brush it on.  I dipped the tip of the brush in the paint enough to cover, then used a folded paper towel to remove any thick paint.  You don’t want to put too much paint on your brush, but again, I wasn’t trying to be perfect or neat.  If I got too much on, oh well, I’m going for a distressed look.  By the time I was done, I could add another color, which I did.

Light pink.  Yep you read that right.  I love pink.  I repeated the dry brushing process with my pink chalk paint that I used Poppies Paint Powder and Behr paint to create.  The pink was an ‘oops’ color that I got for $2.00.  I could not get a good picture of the pink no matter how many times I took it.  Time for another color!

I decided I wanted to add an old white look to it so I went and purchased a sample size of Pearlized White at Home Depot.  I love this color!  It looks like Annie Sloan’s Old White, but is much, much cheaper.  Again I dry brushed it on.  I really liked how it came out, but I wanted it to look a little dirty or yellowed.  So I added some brown wax.

I put it on the edges and corners and kind of all over too.  I did not do the legs.  I wanted them to look different.   They only have gray and old white on them.  I really love the look of this toy fabric box, but I’m completely unsure of the brown wax.  The wax I used is Daddy Van’s All Natural Decorative Wax in Antique Brown.  The wax went on smooth and I love the antique brown color, I’m just not sure I like it on the fabric box.  You can see the difference in the colors in the top left picture.  It did give the pink a little more brown tint, which I love.  It’s probably because I love gray and white together, but I am going to leave it awhile to see if it grows on me.  If not, I can always go back and put more gray in there.

toybox22 My fabric and pillows forms fit well too!

toybox26 (2)

Anyway I decide I absolute LOVE the way the texture looks!!  I’m know this look is not for everyone, but to me, it looks so aged and old and different from everything else, that I just love it.  And the wood applique…so me!

So, I really would love to know what you think about the brown wax.  Should I go back and repaint or leave it like it is?  I just don’t know.


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Aqua & Copper ~ A Perfect Combination

aquatable07 (2)

Sneak Peek!

I  hope everyone had a wonderful Easter holiday and spring break!  Mine was super busy, but also very nice.

I have been working on a cute little end table for a client.  It is now complete and I must show you the result and process.  It turned out better than expected.  There isn’t anything extraordinary about the design, but the combination of the beautiful aqua color and the copper hardware make for a perfect combination.

aquatable25 (2)

The before picture is a classic design, simple lines, very beautiful.  I love furniture like this.  The castors don’t match and the hardware is very tarnished, but you can see the beauty in the design.  As you can see in the picture, I used Poppies Paint Powder for this piece along with one of my favorite Sherwin Williams paint colors, Watery.  It’s a near perfect aqua.

This is one of my 'little distractions'! :)

This is one of my ‘little distractions’! 🙂

First, I had to address the top.  My super nice client, Debbie, found this end table on the side of the road and it had a few issues that needed to be taken care of.  The drawers needed to be reglued and there were some cracks from water that also needed glue, but the top was the worst and it had to be stripped.

So, I stripped the top using the Citristrip and a plastic bag method.  I put the Citristrip on with a foam brush (this is not a good idea, use a chip brush instead) because that is all I had on hand.  I go through chip brushes like crazy!  I applied it per the directions (liberally) and then went to my hutch and got a plastic garbage bag, cut it down the seam along the side and bottom and placed it on the Citristrip.  I made sure to get as many bubbles out as possible to ensure that the stripper could work its magic.  I then left it over night, about 20 hrs.

In the morning, I used a metal scraper to remove the stripper and the laminate just came off like I was spreading butter!  I love this method of stripping furniture.  A plastic scraper is the better choice, but until I finish organizing my workshop and find mine, I, very carefully, used the metal one.  I washed it with a scotch scrubby and odorless mineral spirits, then wiped it down with a warm rag.  And ta da!  No more laminate.

Then it was time to sand.  I used my electric detail sander.  First with 80 grit sandpaper and then followed up with 120 grit.  Because this entire end table is laminate, I was very careful not to go too deep.  I did not want an uneven surface because I sanded too deep.  I only scratched up the glossy surface so that my paint would adhere well.  I forgot the pictures of this part of the process. 😦

I removed the back of the end table because it just looks nicer to paint the entire inside of the back and then reattach.  Much cleaner paint lines.  With Poppies there isn’t any need for primer, but I did two coats of Zinsser Bin 1-2-3 anyway, simply because it was laminate.

Then it was time for color!  I mixed my Poppies as directed and added it to my SW paint.  Two minutes later I was painting.  I painted two coats on the table, drawer front and inside back cover.  You can see in the above picture that the back has been removed.  I allowed it to dry overnight.

In the morning, I painted the inside of the drawer white.  It needed a little contrast.  My client requested just a little distressing, which means….do it like Pottery Barn.  I used a 100 grit piece of sandpaper and distressed all the edges and corners.  I was careful not to scratch the flat surfaces, just the high points including the edges of the drawer front.

After all the sanding, I needed to get rid of the dust.  Handy dandy tack cloth to the rescue!  I wiped it all down with my tack cloth then went to work on the top coat.  I used General Finishes High Performance Top Coat in a Satin Finish.  In between each coat (I did three), I lightly sanded with a fine 800-1000 grit sandpaper.

quick tip

coppercleaning (2)

While I waited for the top coat to dry, it was time to clean the hardware.  Normally, I would change the hardware out, but my client didn’t want that just yet.  She wasn’t sure what direction she wanted to go.  I just couldn’t put her hardware back on tarnished so I got to work cleaning it up.  I notice that it looked like copper so I went online and looked up how to clean copper.  I found three methods.

  1. Set your copper piece in the sink, pour salt over the top, then pour white wine vinegar, then more salt and it will do the work for you.  Scratch that one, no white wine vinegar.
  2. Make a paste with baking soda and lemon juice.  Rub with cloth or Scotch scrub sponge.  Tried it, didn’t work.
  3. Make a paste with salt and lemon juice.  Rub with 0000 (extra fine) steel wool.  Ding, ding, ding…a winner!!

Man did #3 work!  It took a lot of elbow grease because there was so much tarnish, but oh my gosh, it was beautiful!!  By this time, I am getting so excited to be done because I cannot wait to see the copper hardware on the aqua!  Two more coats of top coat and done.

When I put the hardware on, it was stunning, gorgeous….perfect.  I told my client that I was more excited for her to see the hardware than the entire piece.  She was thrilled when she saw it.  She loved the color and loved the copper.  She said she wasn’t going to change it because it was just too pretty.  Yay!!

aquatable06 (2)

I will be looking every where for copper hardware.  I know gold is supposed to be coming back in, but boy oh boy, I love the copper so much more.

Don’t you think that aqua and copper are a perfect combination?


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